Prediction of 3-year survival in patients after pancreatoduodenectomy for distal cholangiocarcinoma

  • Design: data of 454 patients from Dutch Cancer Registry
  • Validation: data of 298 patients from Belgian Cancer Registry and 2 centers in 2 countries
  • Publication: submitted

Prediction of 5-year conditional survival following pancreatectomy for pancreatic cancer

Prediction of 3-year survival after resection after pancreatoduodenectomy for pancreatic cancer: the updated Amsterdam model

Prediction model for 3- and 5-year survival in patients with resected ampullary adenocarcinoma

  • Design: data of 1.007 patients from 12 centers in 5 countries
  • Validation: data of 462 patients from 15 centers in 6 countries
  • Publication: submitted

Updated alternative Fistula Risk Score (ua-FRS) to include minimally-invasive pancreatoduodenectomy: pan-european validation

  • Design: data of 952 patients from 26 center of the European Consortium of Minimally Invasive Pancreatic Surgery (E-MIPS) from 7 countries
  • Validation: external validation in a-FRS dataset
  • Publication: Mungroop et al, Ann Surg 2019

Preoperative risk of 90-day mortality after distal pancreatectomy with celiac axis resection (DP-CAR)

  • Design and validation: international data from 20 European, 2 US, and 1 Japanese pancreas centers.                                                                          
  • Publication: Klompmaker et al, Ann Surg Onc 2018

OLD PREDICTIONS MODELS (updated/validated models above)

Alternative Fistula Risk Score (a-FRS): online calculator for fistula risk after pancreatoduodenectomy

  • Design: data from the Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Audit, nationwide registry, and University Hospital Southampton
  • Validation: data from the University Hospital Verona and University Hospital of Pennsylvania
  • Publication: Mungroop et al, Ann Surg 2017

Survival calculator: online calculator for survival 3-year after pancreatoduodenectomy for pancreatic cancer